Doodle Bugs ...


There were 40,000 Doodle Bug Scooters manufactured from the Spring of 1946 through the Fall of 1948 by Beam Mfg. of Webster City, Iowa. They were produced in four different runs of 10,000 units each. The first production consisted of Standard Models “A” (Briggs&Stratton powered) and “B” (Clinton powered). Only 750-1000 units of the first production run were the Model “B”, making it the rarest of all Doodle Bugs. All Doodle Bug Motor Scooters, no matter the model, had kick-start engines and were painted red from the factory. The second and third runs were Model “C” & “D”, each the full 10,000. The fourth and final run was all Model “E” and renamed as the Super Doodle Bug with all new Decals/Badging and Dual Controls with separate brake and throttle controls. There were several small variations to each model that we list out further on.

Owner Don Jackson ..

His love of old cars, trucks and scooters soon produced a barn and shop full of old relics.  Throughout his thirty-five plus years as a heavy sheet metal mechanic, Don has been able to reproduce the impossible to find components for Doodle Bugs, classic cars and trucks, race cars and aging equipment.  His knowledge of the various models of the Doodle Bug may be of assistance to you in deciding whether to restore your scooter to it's original state or whether a little extra pizzazz may better suit your needs.  If you are unable to locate one of these fine vehicles, we also reproduce several versions.

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