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Welcome to our nostalgic world of yesterday's rides, namely Doodle Bugs and other antique scooters.  You may have had the exciting opportunity to find one of these gems in your parents' or grandparents' barn or garage.  Perhaps you have wondered whether replacement parts are available to restore the Doodle Bug into a safe running toy or showpiece.  LOOK NO FURTHER!  This is our business and our passion.

Company Profile

Don Jackson started reproducing Doodle Bug components in 1985 while living on a 21 acre farm near Newberg, Oregon.  His love of old cars, trucks and scooters soon produced a barn and shop full of old relics.  Throughout his thirty-five plus years as a heavy sheet metal mechanic, Don has been able to reproduce the impossible to find components for Doodle Bugs, classic cars and trucks, race cars and aging equipment.  His knowledge of the various models of the Doodle Bug may be of assistance to you in deciding whether to restore your scooter to it's original state or whether a little extra pizzazz may better suit your needs.  If you are unable to locate one of these fine vehicles, we also reproduce several versions.

Contact Information

Postal address
406 N. Main, Newberg, OR  97132
Electronic mail
General Information: don@doodlebugsyrmw.com



Last modified: 07/09/05